Saturday, July 20, 2013

Puppy Prep: Feeding Station

A few weeks ago, Rorie and I came across this picture on Pinterest.  There was no link- no instructions, just a really cool idea for a hidden pet feeding station.
We searched online and found a great starting point from IKEA-
Rorie and the kids assembled the drawers (except the top one) and then it was up to Dave and me to cut off the legs (to lower the food drawer), stain and decorate (me...)
and install scissor hinges to the top flap to make a really awesome front-opening food storage space.
We cut holes in the extra drawer-bottom to drop the food bowls into (and reinforced beneath it with extra wood to support the weight of a curious cat)
The hardest part was finding plastic tubs with lids that fit inside (we used file boxes from Target, but still had to cut and sand them down to fit perfectly). 
 Basket on top holds leash, treat bag and clicker.
Percy approves of his new vantage point from which to taunt a puppy.

A comfy spot to relax for both canine and feline-- 
 Done and Done!  When feeding time is done, the drawer slides back in. 
So proud of our little IKEA Hack! 

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