Friday, November 4, 2016

Zoo Atlanta

Because we'd been so lucky with timing (and avoiding school groups), we ended up with a 'free' morning on Day Four.  Not wanting to have any dead time (they had already closed the outdoor pool down for 'winter', so there went my 'free time activity'), we headed to Zoo Atlanta to check it out.

It is a nice-sized zoo.  The weather was beautiful, the exhibits well maintained.  We each picked out our "must see" animals and the kids were each in charge of navigating the map and leading our little group to that animal.

My choice was first-- the Great Panda!  We don't have many opportunities to see Giant Panda in the US, so this was a no-brainer.  Unfortunately, we'd missed seeing "the Twins" (juvenile females- Mei Lun and Mei Huan) by just one day.  They'd been shipped to a zoo in China the day before!  Mama (Lun Lun) Panda has two new babies, so they were all off exhibit (but you can see them via panda cam here), so it was just Daddy (Yang Yang) Panda who was left.  He was still a pretty awesome creature to observe!

Justin chose to find ....... the Train.   Yep.  Honestly no surprise here.  We were a little early for it's inaugural ride of the day, so we stopped off at the petting zoo for a bit.

Taylynn went in search of the Black Rhino, another not-often spotted animal at the zoo.  We found him, but she also decided to have an adventure with a giraffe!

For our last animal, Alex orienteered our way to the Red Panda.  She was absolutely adorable.  The kids were all a bit tired from all the walking, so after a quick snack we jumped back in our uber and headed back to the hotel for our daily rest.

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