Wednesday, November 2, 2016

World of Coca-Cola

After our rest we were ready to head out again to have another adventure.  Still within walking distance of the hotel we found World of Coca-Cola.  This was the lighthearted end to the day we needed.  Also sugar and corn syrup.  Did I mention corn syrup?
You may or may not know that Taylynn's mother is an AMAZING personal trainer and nutrition expert.  She has a very healthy outlook on food as fuel.  Snacks and sweets aren't forbidden at all, but they ARE treats...... and today was an ENORMOUS treat for all the kiddos!
As you enter the main lobby, complimentary aluminum bottles of Coca Cola, Diet Coke or Coke Zero are offered to you.  I started off by telling the kids that we would get ONE bottle and each split it-- my kids really haven't had Coca Cola, due to the caffeine content.  Well.......that lasted about thirty seconds when I realized that it was kind of gross for all three of them to share one bottle.  I requested one more and then Alex looked at me with such a sad "I have to SHARE one with my brother and Taylynn gets her OWN" look on her face that I caved.  Each child had their own bottle of coke to enjoy during the 8 minute IMAX sized movie about 'happiness' that wasn't even thinly veiled as a Coke advertisement.  Oh well-- when in Rome!
Two out of the three kids only drank about 1/4 of their bottles by the end of the movie (score) so I stashed them away in a backpack and we went into "The Vault" to learn all about the secret formula.  While much of this must be marketing, it appears that the formula really IS secret!  They have exhibits where you try to match the taste (we failed), steal the code (won!) and learn all about the history of the secret formula.  At the end of the exhibit, you get to see the vault that the secret formula is actually secured in!

 The Coca-Cola bear has to be one of the cutest darn mascots around.  He is so animated and friendly (although not enough to get Justin to trust him in the least)-- so darling!
I was the 'meanest' teacher ever and made the kids keep track of marketing strategies and entrepreneurial information about the Coca-Cola company.  They had worksheets to fill out during their museum tour.
Pretending to taste-test the first batch of Coca-Cola!

 As a prize for finishing their worksheets, we headed up to the TASTING room....where there are literally a hundred different flavors of Coca-Cola beverages from around the world.  The kids tasted EVERY.  SINGLE.  FLAVOR.  Some were definitely better than others---  I wish I would have had a video of them tasting "Beverly" from Italy (it's a bitter digestive).  Alex knew about that one from a previous Epcot trip, but it caught Tay and Justin by surprise!

 Just a little sip of each--- but it still added up!!!
 This was a STAGED photo of what it would have felt like to do the TASTING room twice!

After our exciting afternoon we headed back to the hotel, ordered some dinner and played some games while trying to let the caffeine and sugar buzz wear off.  This was the night of the 7th game of the World Series, and between three kids hopped up on corn syrup and a VERY loud hotel bar/lobby below us, we didn't get the best nights' rest!

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