Thursday, November 3, 2016

most AMAZING museum EVER!!!- part ONE

After we were done exploring the National Historic site, we caught another uber to the Center for Puppetry Arts.  We had tickets for an 11:00am puppet show- The Headless Horseman of Silly Hollow.  We arrived a bit early, so we had time for a quick snack before checking out the world puppetry gallery and catching the show.  Due to a huge school group in the cafeteria room, the janitors escorted us to the boardroom where we could enjoy ourselves in private!
 The room was covered with photos of famous puppeteers, and it was also the place where muckity mucks (like the big JIM HENSON himself), would meet when they were in town!  Pretty lucky kids, these!
Once we were fueled up, we headed upstairs to check out the special Labyrinth exhibit.  I can only tell you that I geeked out completely.  And then I geeked out watching Alex, Justin and Taylynn geeking out completely.  Absolutely amazing.  There are no words to describe what it felt like to see those creatures in person!

original watercolor by Brian Froud!!!
Then we headed to the Global Puppetry hall, where there were examples of puppets from all over the world.  Alex was stoked to find some Julie Taymor work (the kid knows who Julie Taymor is.... I've totally WON this parenting thing!)

 The kids played with some marionettes until it was time to grab our seats for the production.

The show was great.  All three children were giggling-- the puppeteers were very talented, the story was witty. 

We had special tickets for a Jim Henson- specific tour at 3pm.  It was about noon when we exited the performance, so we decided to uber it back to the hotel, take our afternoon rest, and then uber it back in time for the tour.  Great decision, as we were rested and ready for the activity later on--

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