Friday, November 4, 2016

Girls' Night .... Medieval Times style

Originally, I had planned on bringing all three kids to dinner tonight at Medieval Times, but Justin was tired and Dave volunteered to hang out with him in the hotel room while just us girls enjoyed a night on the town.

After an HOUR transit time via uber (traffic in Atlanta is crazy!), we arrived in time to be escorted straight to our seats.  I paid for normal tickets, but we were upgraded to front row seats!!  I had never been to one of these shows before-- it's dinner theater with a medieval flare......and no silverware.

Knights and horses compete in games and mock battles in front of you!  Each section of the audience has a specific knight to cheer on-- our Green Knight was so taken with the sincerely cheering Taylynn that he not ONLY threw her the first rose of the evening, but ALSO presented her with a special keepsake scarf, as he chose her to be his "Queen of Love and Beauty".  She was beside herself!  Alex did not want ANY of this attention, and was only too glad that it was not focused on her.  She didn't shy away from cheering on our knight during battle, though-- I've never heard her scream and cheer the way she did that evening!

The night was really fun and a great capstone to our entire "Roadschooling" vacation together.  The girls slept VERY well that night!

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