Friday, November 4, 2016

Fernbank Natural History Museum

Our last stop as a Roadschooling group was the Fernbank Natural History Museum.  This was kind of an afterthought-- the City Passes I purchased for our trip included admission, so it was was a "why not?" type of excursion. 

As we entered the main rotunda, that changed into an "THIS IS AMAZING" type of excursion.  Why?  Because there was an Argentinosaurus skeleton next to a Giganotosaurus skeleton.  Think huge-- then think even BIGGER than huge.  These guys were seriously impressive!
We very much enjoyed ourselves in the 'giant dino' exhibit (where stats about a Mamenchisaurus are mind blowing).

We explored their outdoor wild woods exhibit a bit-- the boardwalk was impressive, but the kids weren't very enthused about their 'natural playscapes'.  I guess we are REALLY spoiled with natural playgrounds here in MN. 

We ended the afternoon with an IMAX about dinosaurs-- I was a bit leery about Justin being able to handle the large screen and loud noise, but he enjoyed it for the most part.  It helped that it was pretty dry (I would classify it as almost boring) and didn't rely too much on flashy CGI effects with scary dinos.

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