Thursday, November 3, 2016

back to the world of JIM HENSON!

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll be quite aware that we've been studying Jim Henson for the past month.  The kids have read a biography, watched a documentary, viewed his films The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth as well as studied the Muppet Show (the ORIGINAL version) and even dabbled in a little throwback Sesame Street in preparation for this part of our Roadschooling vacation.  All worth it.

We got back to the Center for Puppetry Arts and it was completely dead.  We were the ONLY visitors around (score!).  This meant that our 'Jim Henson Tour' was a private , exclusive, Riley-Marotz Homeschool event ONLY.  Our guide (Justin) was so ultra-impressed by the kids' general (and sometimes specific) knowledge of Jim Henson's career and filmography that he let us completely steer the tour.  It was out of this world!  I'll just walk you through with photographs!
 Alex startled the guide by recognizing the sheet music "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" in Rolf's hand!
 ....then the kids jumped ahead in the tour by stating that they KNEW Rolf was a two-person puppet operated by Jim Henson AND Frank Oz.  Justin the tour guide blinked a few times and rolled with it, offering us some 'more advanced' trivia instead!
 A really fun room was a mock-up of part of a workshop.  The materials were (kind of ) neatly stacked, but still visually appealing! 

 The Storyteller's animatronic dog rested in the center-- a true piece of puppeteering history.

The Sesame Street room was way more nostalgic for me than the kids.  My two didn't ever watch it, and Taylynn declared "that's just for little kids" before moving on---  I did, at least, get a picture of them with Big Bird.
 Another room contained a mock-set for kids to practice overhead puppeteering.  Our guide wisely decided that they would learn more by just DOING it than he could ever explain in a lecture.  They got to play for about 5 minutes, and I only got them to move on by promising we could return after the tour!
 Famous muppets from our FAVORITE muppet movie-- Muppet Treasure Island.  This photo was for you, Cathleen!
 Justin was SO excited to find the entire cast of Fraggle Rock, INCLUDING Doozers!

 But the kids were PINGING around this gallery--- every creature was more exciting than the last.  Our guide got a HUGE kick out of the fact that these three were truly 'geeking out' for Dark Crystal and Labyrinth characters.

What a truly energizing and entertaining museum!  I am so impressed by the collection, curation and exhibition of all these amazing pieces of puppetry and movie history.  I would totally live here if I could.

 And so would they. 

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