Tuesday, September 6, 2016

First day of School! 2016-2017

It's the first day of school!  We're starting off our new homeschool coop this year, combining forces with Miss Amanda and her daughter, Taylynn.  Amanda is teaching health, wellness, physiology and nutrition, and we got to start off the new school year with her class first!

We are SO excited to have a new student in our classroom :-)  Alex and Taylynn are both going to be doing a fourth grade curriculum, and Justin will be officially in Kindergarten, but probably doing a first grade math curriculum.  Let the Wild Rumpus begin~!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

MN State Fair

The only thing that could POSSIBLY get me to brave the crazy crowds at the MN State Fair (and believe me, they were CRAZY the day we went) is a free concert by the Okee Dokee Brothers.

Brad was a good sport and accompanied us on our adventure!  The concert was great--- the kids loved it, the adults loved it--- you can't go wrong with those guys!
 Then we sampled some of the fine foods available at this venue.....
 and Justin and I braved the Giant Slide!
 We ended the morning with a visit to the Butterfly house, and ended up with a few new Monarch caterpillars to bring home and observe.