Saturday, August 27, 2016

Weekend in Shawano: At the Cottage

After a stop at Tom's Tap (a favorite of Great Grandpa Bob and his brother Harv) for a drink and cheeseburger in honor of the Marotz patriarchs, we all headed back to the Cottage to do some fishing and family photo taking.

 It was a very nice day at the lake-- not too warm, not rainy!
 Great-Auntie Sarah and Great-Auntie Terri organized a photographer to come and document our mini reunion.  The Marotz siblings, Great-Uncle Harv and Great-Grandma Alice were a bit on the silly side, but we eventually got some nice shots of the whole family-
 While the rest of the adults posed, the kiddos had bubbles to keep them entertained!!

 AND fishing.  There's always fishing at the lake!

 Some of the professional shots!

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