Saturday, August 27, 2016

Weekend in Shawano: At the Cottage

After a stop at Tom's Tap (a favorite of Great Grandpa Bob and his brother Harv) for a drink and cheeseburger in honor of the Marotz patriarchs, we all headed back to the Cottage to do some fishing and family photo taking.

 It was a very nice day at the lake-- not too warm, not rainy!
 Great-Auntie Sarah and Great-Auntie Terri organized a photographer to come and document our mini reunion.  The Marotz siblings, Great-Uncle Harv and Great-Grandma Alice were a bit on the silly side, but we eventually got some nice shots of the whole family-
 While the rest of the adults posed, the kiddos had bubbles to keep them entertained!!

 AND fishing.  There's always fishing at the lake!

 Some of the professional shots!

Weekend in Shawano: Twig Soda (SunDrop Factory)

We are so lucky to be able to visit Dave's Grandma, Aunt and extended family in Shawano every summer.  It's become a cherished mini-reunion that we all look forward to!  This year was no exception-- and we had a wonderful weekend reconnecting with family.

For the first time we toured the SunDrop factory-  this was really a fun little outing for all of us (big kids and little kids alike), topped off with all-you-can-drink samples of all the flavors of Twig's soda (rhubarb was my favorite).


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Auntie Rorie's Wedding (or : "It's FINALLY time to call him UNCLE Chris!!")

We've had a whirlwind of the last few weeks with wedding preparation.  I'm just going to leave these shots from an amazing weekend here:  The kids had a great time at the wedding, Kolachi made her debut as videographer and (most importantly), Rorie and Chris are MARRIED!!!  Yay!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Babies are getting bigger!

Kitten update:  kittens are growing like weeds!  Furry weeds.  They are absolutely perfectly content to snuggle and be manhandled by the kiddos (thanks, Children's Farm), and have not ONCE scratched anyone (by mistake or otherwise!).  They will, of course, be going through their spay and neuter surgery soon.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Washington County Fair evening! Results are in!

We once again have some Grand Champions in our midst!!  Alexandra won Grand Champion for her needlwork mummified cat (probably the only one the Washington County Fair has ever seen) AND won Grand Champion for her shark tooth collection!  It was also really fun to see her dragon quilt on display after all of her hard work!

Justin won a variety of ribbons, including a BLUE first place ribbon for HIS needlework burlap embroidery that he did at The Children's Farm this school year.

Other than checking out all of their prizes, the kids enjoyed the petting zoo, watching a draft horse pulling competition, catching a little bit of an Elvis impersonator, sliding down the giant slide and, of course, having a bunch of greasy fair food!

Healthy Lunch- Junk Food at the Fair

We compromised a little today.  Since we are headed to the fair around dinner time, we harvested our potatoes and carrots and kale and made a REALLY healthy lunch!

(Victor got to nibble on some carrots and kale, too...)


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Justin's Pre-ball T-Ball

Justin's Pre-ball, T-Ball team (The Red Dragons) have practice twice a week this summer.  He is a little frustrated that they don't play actual GAMES-  "How, exactly, do we score points?" he asked his coach...  he has taken it upon himself to keep tally of all the kids who hit and run the bases (which is all of them....even if they don't hit successfully they still get to run).  His Lil' Sluggers training has totally paid off, and he is absolutely LOVING baseball!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Washington County Fair- entry dropoff

Believe it or not, these two were actually EXCITED to drop off all of their fair entries.  As you can see, we have it down to a science-- including the red wagon to transport all of the works of art!