Monday, May 30, 2016

Gunflint Vacation

Here are a bunch of photos from our Gunflint Lodge vacation.  So much fun to explore with our family!  Unfortunately, I misplaced my camera on DAY ONE of the trip....didn't find it again until we were leaving!  These photos are all from my phone-  I missed a bunch of great shots!!
 Kolachi enjoying the view from the back of the Minivan--

 Labrador tea we brewed
 Alex, Vera and Justin feeding the ducks--
 Grandma Mary and Alex trying their hand at candlemaking

 My best hiking buddies-- we went out every morning!

 Donut stop in Grand Marais
 A day trip to Grand Portage....
 and CANADA (sans Dog-- she stayed with Grandma Mary and Papa Bob while we made a quick trip over the border)

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