Saturday, April 16, 2016

STAR WARS Episode IV Party---

As a Waldorf-inspired family, we really don't encourage much screen time.  The kids get to use their kindles to watch videos when we travel, or need to stay occupied during someone's doctor appointment, but that's about it.  So THIS..... THIS was a big deal.
Let me set the stage.  We are going on a Disney Cruise in January (which is super-exciting in itself).  We just found out that the cruise will not only be a 'regular' cruise, but ALSO a STAR WARS DAY AT SEA cruise-- a special event that people get super crazy and excited about.  This means that not only will Alex and Justin encounter Captain Mickey, Pirate Donald and the friendly Disney characters, but they will also see Jawas, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, C3PO and a Wookie......   Since even the friendly characters from Star Wars are intense and a little frightening, Dave and I decided that we needed to give our children a proper Star Wars education so they knew what to expect.  Enter the party.
Originally, it was going to be an Alex-only party, but Justin was a willing and able participant, so we decided to let him watch as well.  The excitement of the evening carried through to the movie screening, and he did just fine (although I think Uncle Sam was about to go crazy every time Dave or I would tell him ahead of time that someone would shoot a blaster or reassure him that 'character X' was going to escape)

And now the kids will know who the Stormtroopers parading around the ship are, and won't get embarrassed that they don't know what a lightsaber is.  Success!

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