Thursday, April 21, 2016

How do you make a cat tree??

With the imminent arrival of our two new kitties, we are in need of some kitty supplies.  We have a litter box and plenty of baskets to make into beds, but as I was thinking back to Percy and Huxley's kitten days, I remembered how ACTIVE and crazy they were.  We need a cat tree to direct any scratching to, and to give them a 'good' alternative to racing around the tops of our furniture.
Here's the problem.  I really dislike the way that traditional carpeted cat trees look.  I found some 'natural' versions on pinterest and Etsy, but didn't want to shell out $150.  I decided we could make it ourselves.

So Justin, Alex and I headed to the garage to see what we had lying around.  After a quick trip to Home Depot for some sisal rope (for the scratching post) and HomeGoods (for a bunch of wooden stuff that we ended up taking back anyway), we were ready to go...... and then I realized that I needed another adult to help me think through the construction process.

I have an AMAZING husband.  He didn't balk at a weird 'homemade hippie cat tree' project when it fell into his capable hands just minutes after getting home from work.  

I think they'll like it.  Right now Percy is warming it up :-)

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