Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Nature Walk

The weather keeps fluctuating wildly.  Today was a beautiful day, so we took advantage and headed out to Carpenter Nature Center for a hike.  We enjoyed exploring a brand new (to us) trail.  My kids are 'experts' on maple syruping (thank you Somerskogen), so they felt the need to check the progress of every sap bucket on the trail.  I heard again and again from Justin (who just visited our favorite maple syrup farm with Dave last weekend) that pipeline is a WAY better way to collect sap than buckets.

We enjoyed spotting some signs of spring, talking about the "living book" we are reading in Science class (Blacky the Crow, Thornton Burgess)and Justin (my budding photographer) took some really nice photos.  Alex and Kolachi practiced some heeling exercises and we just enjoyed each other's company.


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