Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bunnies' Big Day

Well-- it was their day to shine-- the bunnies are the ones in charge of Easter at this house.  Well....the Easter Bunny still hides the eggs, but he does so downstairs, under direction of Basil and Victor.  I don't have any egg-hunting photos, but we have some good bunny ones.

(selfie at church-- this was actually a sanctioned activity!  #easteratSOV)

We had a very nice morning at Easter service.  We came home to an egg hunt and enjoyed Easter lunch with Brad.  It was a quiet sort of Easter (nothing like being in Jerusalem), but it was very special.  Alex and I have been a bit under the weather recently, so quiet was good for us.

This year, instead of gobs and gobs of candy, the Easter Bunny left collectible Disney pins (for trading at the parks and on the cruise next year).  Of course, he still left SOME candy, but he did a great job finding a good alternative!

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