Thursday, January 21, 2016

St. Augustine, Florida

We headed from Crystal River Springs across the state to St. Augustine today.  Along the way we found a nice little stop for some fresh juice at The Orange Shop.
Mmmmm....fresh juice always hits the spot during a drive!
 Upon arrival at St. Augustine, I discovered tiny, tiny streets (well, to be expected in the oldest town in America) and VERY limited parking.  We circled for about fourty minutes before finding a spot outside of the National Park of the Castillo de San Marcos.  The dog-friendly restaurant I'd found was a bit of a walk, but it was a nice day out, so we headed over there and were seated on the patio.  After ordering, the kids both proclaimed to be chilly, so Kolachi and I walked back the car to grab some sweatshirts (about a 20 minute trip!).  We encountered SO many 'city' distractions, it was an excellent training walk!  Groups of school kids, soldiers in uniform, buses, bikes, you names it!
 We arrived back just as the food was coming out-- perfect timing!

After sharing a beignet (oreo, no less), we walked to Alex's request for our Roadschooling trip- the Pirate & Treasure Museum.  Kolachi was not invited inside, so she hopped back in her crate (in the climate-controlled remote-started car) while we explored.  There was SO much to see!  We bought tickets to both this museum and the living history open-air museum next door, but we ran out of time (and energy) before making it to the next.

 We did have to check out the Castillo, as long as we were right next to it!  So fun to get to climb in and around (within measure) the fortress.

 Dogs are allowed around the OUTSIDE grounds of the Castillo, so Justin and I took Kolachi for a little walk while Alex and Rorie finished up working on a Jr. Park Ranger project.

 Tired, we checked into our hotel near the beach (incidentally, I had originally planned on camping here as well, but it was best I changed my mind-- we were too tired to do any of that 'camping' stuff!).  We had dinner at a nice little place down the street and pretty much collapsed right afterwards!  The beach was literally across the street, but we were all too tired to even walk over!

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