Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Shark Teeth..... and more!

In preparation for yesterday's excursion, I had printed out some fossil identification charts.  It was a good thing, because even though Fred was able to tell us immediately what we had found, once we got all the teeth back home it was a bit confusing!
It was a rainy day, so it worked out that we used it as a sorting party day.  We found snaggletooth, hammerhead , tiger shark, bull shark, sandtiger shark, sawfish blade, alligator teeth, a few really nice megaladon teeth (and a lot of partials), stingray tail as well as some mammal fossils-- a few llama teeth and parts of a mastadon tooth as well as ribs from a dugong.  Amazing!

Justin decided he wanted to make a shark on his collection box out of the teeth.  Awesome!  Washington County Fair, here we come.

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