Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Roadschooling Adventure- Day 2 of driving

Before leaving on our journey, I had downloaded a Roadtrip application that pointed out the best places to stop on any given route.  I was really excited that Day 2 of driving included a stop at the "World's Largest Peanut".  I mean-- how random and kitchsy is that?  I may have really gotten excited about it-- it was our only scheduled stopping point.

But, before I get ahead of myself, we did find a great little roadside BBQ stand.  It was outside, so Kolachi was invited to get out of the car and enjoy a bit of Georgia Pulled Pork with the rest of us.  They were famous for their stew, so I got a little bit of it-- yum!

Then it was on to the PEANUT!  

To say it was a bit underwhelming is an understatement.  The peanut ('world's largest', officially) is approximately 100 yards off the freeway and surrounded by......well........nothing.  After Rorie and I got done giggling about the size of the peanut (we were a bit slap happy at this point of the drive), I thought it might be a good, empty field for Kolachi to run around in.  I got her remote collar on her so we could play frisbee when all of a sudden I noticed mounds and mounds of anthills in the grass.  Then it clicked.  The "Welcome to Home of the Fire Ant Festival" sign that we passed on the way to the legume..... yep.  Fire ants.  
Suffice it to say, Kolachi did not get a good run in at this stop.  
We packed back up and headed on to Clearwater, Florida-- only 45 minutes away from our major destination- Walt Disney World!

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