Saturday, January 9, 2016


Chris and Rorie pulled "Auntie and Almost-Uncle of the Year" duty and volunteered to watch the kiddos, feed them breakfast and get them ready for their races while the other four adults ran the half marathon.
The half was good.  It was really humid, and I noticed myself getting overheated by mile 4.  I made sure to drink lots at every pit stop, and we got into a running rhythm after leaving the Magic Kingdom.
I had my 'commit to fit' bracelet on for my team back at Blissful Balance.

The best part of the entire race was at the finish line.  Mickey (who isn't really supposed to be posing for photos at this point) was giving high-fives and the girl in front of me asked me if I'd take her photo with her camera.  "Of course!", I said, and she reciprocated.  If it were a REAL race, I'd probably be super annoyed that I added a good three minutes to my time, but those were the most magical three minutes anywhere!  What a way to end it!

After we got back home (and I do have to admit I was feeling WAY nauseous and dehydrated on the bus back), the kids were ready to rock and roll.  Chris and Alex took Disney buses to the Expo center for her race while Dave, Rorie, Justin and I finished packing up the room before driving the car over.  The kids' races were great!

Rorie ran with Justin, who committed to the running thing and finished strong.

Then Alex, Chris AND Rorie ran the Mickey Mile together.  Poor Chris wasn't really geared up for running a mile, but he was a super sport, and they all came in smiling.
Here we all (minus Chris and Rorie, who totally deserved medals too)-  tired and happy and ready for our beach vacation to begin!

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