Sunday, January 24, 2016

On Our Way! OR ..... How we were almost killed and eaten by hilbillies in Kentucky......

We had a long day of driving ahead of us.  As soon as we were out of Tennessee, the driving conditions got MUCH better.  To stay in the 'road trip' spirit, we got back into our groove by stopping at a site recommended by my Road Trip USA website.  It was simultaneously the strangest and coolest spot ever the Apple Valley Hilbilly Garden and  Toyland
We pulled in to a deserted 'parking lot' in front of a sculpture garden.  The door to the house opened and a lady came out to see if we wanted the tour.  Since it had just snowed, we told her we'd take the 'truncated' version (just the toy building).  Meanwhile, this lanky, long-haired dude was scurrying from building to building-- Rorie was pretty sure he was going to murder us all, but I was totally getting the 'artist' vibe here...... lol!   We DID enjoy his tour and unique artistic vision!

 Yep-- that's a squirrel in a cage.  He's a pet.

After that educational and entertaining stop, the kids and Rorie BOTH vetoed my bid for the National Quilt Museum.  Instead we stopped at a McDonalds that had a "B" health rating (as advertised on the health code paperwork displayed on the door) and took our lives in our hands that way.

Once in Illinois, we tried to stop at the Rabbit Ranch to see the VW Rabbits AND the rabbit rescue that the owner runs, but they were closed :-(

Nevertheless, we had smiles all around---

 Almost...... lol.  Rorie and I really DID have a fun time together--

Finally! A pool to swim in- Moline, Illinois, our LAST stop!  What tomorrow morning holds........

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