Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday at Vero Beach- roadschooling in action

 As official 'roadschoolers', you might wonder when we got our schooling in?  I put our normal curriculum on hold for the month and we did mini-units on things that we would be experiencing.
Alex worked at her own pace (which meant that she finished all the lessons in a three day period) to do her required reading and research on pirates (for visiting St. Augustine's Pirate Museum), intro to architecture (LEGOland), manatees (for our close encounters in Crystal River), sharks (including megaladons for our fossil-hunting expedition and whale sharks for our visit to the Georgia Aquarium), marketing (World of Coca-Cola), and some map-reading skills to help us navigate.

We did take SOME time out to vacation, however.  We all enjoyed a lovely lunch in Vero Beach on Monday afternoon-

Followed by a visit to a local playground.

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