Thursday, January 14, 2016


Although it was hard to leave the Vero Beach house, Justin and Alex had received tickets to to a very special park for Christmas from Grams and we pulled them away from the beach (after a good morning romp) and headed to Legoland!

We really liked the experiment zones, where kids could actually build and test their creations.  Alex signed up for a robotics course later in the day (which ended up being too much later for us to make-- we all ran out of steam) that she was excited to do with Daddy.

Justin was my roller-coaster king.  We walked onto the front seats of a dinosaur-themed roller coaster, and he was such a brave kid that he came out smiling and took Dave on it immediately afterwards.

Alex is not a crazy-ride type of kid.  She was feeling a bit ill after this ride she did with her brother.  The rest of the day she just enjoyed the scenery and the slow rides (like the safari and the Egyptian ride).

Guess what this spells?  It's a good thing we've been studying Ancient Egypt-- Alex was able to figure it out on her own.

Fun day at LEGOland!  

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