Friday, January 22, 2016


Here's where the trip starts to get....interesting....  There was a big storm *hurricane* blowing in to the Florida coast, so we had perfect timing getting out of Florida.  However, this same storm system brought snow to Atlanta. Which is unheard of in Atlanta.  By the time we dropped the dog off at the boarding kennel (another Best Friends, but unfortunately NOT up to WDW service levels) and made it downtown, the snow was beginning to fall and people were FREAKING out.  The lobby of the hotel (which was beautiful-- thank you Dave for traveling so much that we could stay for free) was crowded with worried travelers and business people trying to get rooms for the night.  

Our vehicle (a Denali with a rooftop cargo bin) was too large for the attached parking garage, so the valet recommended a street parking lot for Rorie to go to.  The kids and I unloaded our stuff and she went to try and find this spot while we checked in and got to the room.  At the front desk I inquired about GA Aquarium hours and they looked at me like I was crazy- "they are going to be closed because of the weather!" the concierge assured me.  I called the aquarium and was assured that they were, indeed, open for the evening, but that they would most likely not open until noon the next day because the storm was coming.  After Rorie made it to the room, we talked and decided we should go to the aquarium this evening so we didn't miss it completely! (The World of Coca-Cola, which was another one of our stops, WAS closed and we ended up missing it :-(
So, to a chorus of "Girl, where you think you're taking those chidren?" from concerned guests in the foyer, we put on our down coats, boots and hats and walked the (GASP) five or six blocks to the aquarium.  Hey.  We're Minnesotans.
We made it to the Aquarium, and it WAS amazing.  I definitely need to go back to Atlanta, because watching those whale sharks was another once-in-a-lifetime experience!

 Justin got to pet an Epaulette shark.
 The kids are DWARFED by the whale shark aquarium.  An upside of heading here in the face of an oncoming blizzard is that the place was deserted!

 After enjoying our evening we walked home in a beautiful snowfall-- THIS was the blizzard they were all worried about?

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