Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fossil Excavation Tour

Today was the most unexpected but really interesting day.  Don't get me wrong, I'm the one who booked Paleo Discoveries Fossil Hunting Canoe Tour.  But I had no idea how intense it would be!  We convinced Gramps, Auntie Rorie, Chris and Andy to join us.  We knew we'd probably better wear water shoes, as we were canoeing to a fossil hunting site.  What we didn't expect was that the site would be mid-river!

We broke up into canoe groups and began the hour long paddle upstream to the site.  Once we got there, Fred (the leader) anchored his canoe to a shovel he dug deep into the riverbed.  We followed suit, hopped out of the boat and began our lessons in sifting for fossils.

I can't believe how well my children did.  This was a SIX HOUR excursion.  We had two 'other' people in the tour group, so we couldn't call it a day early (as I was hoping we'd be able to if the kids got restless).
For two children who were literally trapped on a sandbar (or in a canoe) for six hours, they were AMAZING.  No whining, no tempertantrums.  Just sifting and finding fossils---  it probably helped that every load of silt/debris came up with at least four or five fossilized shark teeth!

 I had made sure to pack a LOT of food for everyone (grumpy excavators are no fun), so I just kept pumping the kids full of fluid and food and they did great.
Did I mention the water was CHILLY?  When the sun was out it was tolerable, but when the clouds came, we were a bit on the cold side.  Luckily we all had layers, so we just pulled them on when we needed them.

You couldn't ask for a more beautiful setting, though.

The paddle downstream was really fast and fun as well---  we were all muddy, wet and tired.  A stop at the Wachula Wal-Mart afforded us all brand new wardrobes to ride in the car for the hour back to the beach house.

A totally unique, once-in-a-lifetime day!  Amazing.  I'll put a picture of the kids sorting their haul up tomorrow, but we managed to collect a huge array of specimens.

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