Thursday, January 7, 2016

Amy and Rorie take the Magic Kingdom

Well, as we arrived on the MORNING of the 6th, and the kids and Dave were to arrive in the AFTERNOON of the 7th, there was only one rational thing to do...... Go to the Magic Kingdom!  We dropped Kolachi off at the Best Friends Pet Care (an amazing boarding facility-- I wish it was in the Twin Cities, because I'd make it our home base) and made it to MK just in time for our 8am breakfast reservations at Be Our Guest.

We had a lovely breakfast in the Beast's castle and then hopped in line for the Seven Dwarves Mine Train before the park was even technically open!  Bonus!

Using our touring plans app, we breezed through everything we wanted to do, plus got in lunch at the newly-opened Skipper Canteen.

I was able to check in on Kolachi all day long, thanks to the webcams that the boarding facility had!  She looked like she was doing great-- playing well with others and having fun.

We checked into our hotel (All-Star Movies), which is certainly adequate lodging, if not fancy, and headed to dinner at Jiko in the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  We enjoyed a gourmet dinner, quite the change from the jalepeno cheetohs and skinny pop that we'd been eating in hotel rooms on the way down.

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