Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Miracle in Atlanta

The trip just got some twists......
We woke up this morning and the city was about 1-2" of snow.  Nothing for us Minnesotans, so we packed up our stuff and headed to the car.  Which is where things took a swift downhill turn.  As we approached the vehicle, I heard someone shouting-- "Hey-- be careful!".  I looked around and saw a man in another car gesticulating at our vehicle.
As we made our way around it, our hearts sunk when we saw Justin's passenger window had been smashed.  Immediately I thought of the snowstorm and assumed someone had taken shelter inside the vehicle.  I hoped that he/she had at least only taken the quilts that we were traveling with.  We soon found out that they had left the quilts, but had stolen Rorie's backpack (which was full of her electronics, digital photographs and wedding-planning things).  After saying a  prayer for help, I started to call Honda dealerships in the Atlanta area to see if anyone could help us.  After hearing "no" and "you're probably going to want to go back to the hotel and wait a few days" from two different people, I took a few deep breaths, said another quick prayer for help and promptly found someone who said if we could get in before 11am (it was about 9), they could fix it TODAY.  We had to wait around for the police to arrive to file our report (took a LONG time), but we ended up making it into the repair shop in time.  My knights in shining armor at Lightning Glass saved the day!!
Poor Justin was such a trooper-- We cleaned out his seat as best we could and wrapped the quilt around the window/door frame while we drove on the freeway to get to the shop.  The gentlemen there made us as comfortable as we could be as they fixed the window (praise God that they had access to our exact window in stock!).  Rorie started the process of filing a claim for her stolen items and we ended up getting back on the road in just a few hours.  We picked up Kolachi and drove (slowly and carefully, for the roads were a bit slick) to Nashville.
As we arrived in Nashville, NOTHING was open.  It was not great driving once we got off of the freeway--  People were all over in ditches-- No restaurants, no tourist spots, no gas stations.  We checked into our hotel, which was being manned by a 3 person team who had been on duty during the storm for the past 36 hours, and ended up eating a bunch of the snacks we had in the car for our dinner.  By this point the trip was getting to be a BIT long and we were all ready to head home!

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