Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sledding and Pulling!

We headed out to Sunfish Lake Park today to get some sledding in, since we aren't sure how long the snow is going to last.  Kolachi was kind enough to give Justin a ride from the parking lot to the sledding hill.
The kids had a great time-- it wasn't too cold, but the wind was a bit brisk-- red cheeks all around.

After I determined there weren't any other people or dogs around, I let Kolachi have some free running time.  She was so pumped to dash up and down the hill.  We practiced our recall, which I was quite pleased with, despite the distraction of nature smells!
Then we waited patiently for the others to get tired of tromping up and down the big hill-- 

Then it was time to haul the boy out of the valley.  She definitely worked for her supper tonight!

Post-sledding popcorn and hot chocolate in the car!

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