Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Morning!

Santa ended up coming to Phoenix!  We barricaded the kids in the hallway to make sure they didn't sneak out extra early and see all the presents :-)

Don't feel bad for them-- we left them a note and some breakfast bars if they were hungry.

When it was FINALLY 7am, we released them!  Santa doesn't really wrap presents for us-- he just puts them out and fills the stockings, so it's super-fun to see what's there!
Justin's favorite was a GIGANTIC stuffed wolf.

Alex got some dragons and a calico critter red panda set with a beautiful wooden 'portable' dollhouse to use.  It kept her occupied for the next three days straight!

We played with our new toys all day long.  When it was time for bed, Justin insisted on being snuggled in with his newest prized possessions-- "Cave" the wolf, his wolf slippers and his new Camelbak.  

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