Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve in Arizona

After hitting the earliest Christmas Eve service available and enjoying the carols as they tell the story of Christ's birth, we headed back to Casa Marotz to celebrate some more.  Alex and Justin hosted their annual Holiday Tea, complete with silly hats and (blech!) Little Debbie tree cakes.  Vera seemed to enjoy the festivities, but wasn't too keen on wearing ridiculous headwear.

We opened family presents early enough in the day for the kids to enjoy playing with them (Justin received his OWN camelbak!) and prepared for the big extended family party that evening.

While the younger two went to bed 'on time', Alex has transitioned into a 'big kid'.  She got to stay up and visit until the end.

The highlight of the Christmas party is always the whistle concert performed by the entire family, with Grandma Mary as the director.  Alex really had fun taking part in the musical experience :-)

After everyone went home, she made sure Santa had his plate of cookies and veggies before she collapsed into bed!

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