Sunday, November 29, 2015


In order to spread out the craziness of Justin's birthday, travel to Phoenix and Christmas, we decided to have Justin's birthday party a week early this year.  And to do something unheard of...... not invite any family or friends (we figured that we'd celebrate with them separately, closer to the real date). 

I should say, we still had SOME friends.  Justin's entire Children's Farm class was invited, and about half of them and their immediate families attended!  He was over-the-moon excited to host a party for all of his school friends!

You'll notice someone very important missing from the photos, however!  Poor Alexandra was too sick to attend the party, so Auntie Rorie came to Woodbury to hang out with her while we were keeping tabs on 14+ preschoolers.  I think she was happier in the end to have a quiet afternoon watching a movie with Auntie.

The party was a smashing success- Justin was a great host, the kids were absolutely delightful and it was so fun to meet so many parents!  Thanks to all who attended and made J's 5th birthday party special!

 Lots of fresh fruit and veggies on a farm!

 The craft table-  Make Your Own Tractor signs!

 Five years old, how???

 We asked all the kids to bring a piece of artwork/card for Justin in lieu of a present.  Then we put them all up on a display board for everyone to enjoy during the party.  The kids were so proud to show him the cards they had made!
Justin was really good at sharing his john Deere collection with his classmates.  He did, however, ask me to 'put away my Model A' because he didn't want it getting broken by accident.
My Cricut machine got quite the workout to make all the goodie bags. They turned out great!

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