Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Indoor Bunny Brothers (round 2)

Justin and Victor snuggle.
So.... the Bunny Brothers started off indoors,  then we brought them outdoors for the summer, but now that the air is getting chilly it was time to bring them back in.  But no more escaping bunnies (remember this--- ).  They have brand new bunny 'box stalls' (thank you Gramps!!)to call home (in the playroom).  I think they like them!

The best part of THIS setup is that after we do our bunny chores in the morning, the kids always stay downstairs and play for an hour or so-- the bunnies love having the company and enjoy watching 'the show'.  They'll be happy to get back to munching fresh grass in the springtime, but for now it's a safe and warm place for them to winter.

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