Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween Party at our house!!
 Grandma Mary was in town, so she brought over Auntie Carrie, Uncle Sam and Vera to join the party. 
 Justin was very focused on carving his own pumpkin this year.
 We had a pirate.....and a mouse---
 And a guy with a Yorkie.  Hey, wait!  That's not your Yorkie!  (We had our friend Amanda and her daughter and puppy join us as well this year!)  I don't think Spike the puppy quite knew what was going on, but he was a good sport.
 Justin was a daddy Wolf-- with gray sweatpants, his winter hat turned inside out, and a baby stuffed wolf in his ergo.
 Alex was a pirate in a self-made costume....and she had a first mate of the canine variety.

 Alex and Justin made sure to show Vera the art of candy-sorting.  Which pieces to keep and which to give to the Pumpkin Fairy???

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