Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Gunflint Lodge: Day 2

Day 2 consisted of a Nature Tracking hike, led by the same young gentleman that we enjoyed learning from in the spring.  It ended up being his next to last hike of the season-- so we were able to bookend his summer employment experience!
 We saw a ruffed grouse!!  (see below!!)
 And beautiful fall forest sights.  Just a few weeks late for the brilliant foliage, but it made it much easier to see lots of vistas through bare tree tops!
 The kids loved feeding these ducks.  They had JUST been cut off of the lodge's complimentary corn and seeds (the ducks, that is, not my kids), so Alex and Justin got to feed them their 'last meal'.  They'll have to loose a little weight in order to migrate south for the winter!
 The guests, however, were encouraged to snack.  Complimentary fresh baked cookies, hot chocolate and coffee are always available in the lodge.
 The horses were also getting ready to be 'winterized' (relocated somewhere a bit warmer), so we weren't able to ride, but we did get to visit and feed them some apples.
 Later that day, we attended a birchbark bookmark making class.  Alex got right to work and cranked out 6 or 7 bookmarks.
 I had a slightly different idea of a craft I wanted to make-- a birchbark heart garland for Christmastime.

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