Friday, October 23, 2015

Gunflint: Day Five

This morning we decided to show Gramps and Goldie (dog) our favorite trail.  Justin was totally in charge this time, and did a wonderful job leading our group.

 After the hike, we were able to have a meet and greet with the Gunflint Lodge sled dogs (K and company stayed at home).  They are incredible athletes who are really looking forward to winter coming!
 One final activity for the day: Dreamcatcher Making with Alex and Justin.  Since we were the only ones signed up for the class, the leader let us combine two different activities and brought us to the teepee to make the dreamcatchers!
 Weaving the 'sinew' (waxed cording) was a little hard for Justin, but he kept working until he got it!
 Alex did a gorgeous job on her dreamcatcher as well.
 For the last hike of the trip, Kolachi and I decided to go 'solo'.  We had a wonderful afternoon excursion-- here's my attempt at a selfie.
 She was quite the fearless leader, until we got 3/4 of the way up a very steep, rocky (and slick from the rain) hill.  She froze in her tracks, uttered a very guttural growl and pointed her ears straight at the top ridge.  I shouted 'hello- anyone there?' to give the other hiker (??) warning that a concerned GSD was below them.  After getting no answer, I decided that we'd better just turn around.  I detached her leash from my waist  (so she didn't pull me face-first down the hill) and put it in my hand so we could slowly descend.  Let's just say she didn't exactly get my memo.  She wanted OUT of there, and QUICKLY.  Who knows what was lurking around that corner, but she kept me safe.  Good girl.

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