Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sheepherding Clinic

Kolachi and I have been on a herding hiatus as I've tried to de-schedule our summer.  While this was great for the kids (and lets face it, me, as I didn't have to add 2 hours in the car every week to my to-do list), our herding has definitely taken a backslide.  We attended a two day herding seminar to brush up our skills and determine if we are going to continue this sport.

While we had a lot of fun, and Kolachi loves sheep, I think I've decided to stick to sports we can practice a little closer to home.  It's just not fair to expect the kids to come with us once a week, K isn't advancing as quickly as I'd like, and we want to get back into agility and start actually competing for titles soon.  So-- this was our 'farewell for now' to herding.  If I had unlimited time (maybe someday when the kids are in school during the day), or a small hobby farm with my own livestock (hint, hint, Dave...) I would take it back up in a second.  So, for now, enjoy these photos of K working her sheep!

Also, we were featured in the photos accompanying this article on the AKC website!

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