Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kolachi takes the MN State Fair!

Kolachi and I were able to participate in the GSD Day at the MN State Fair.  We descended upon the Pet Center along with approx. 40 other German Shepherds and their owners, and spent the day hiding from the rain, roasting in the sun, doing agility demonstrations and showing the crowds what therapy dogs do.  It was an ALL DAY event, and this 2 year old girl was a champ!
 Hanging out in her crate--- basically all day long.  She was a complete goof during the first agility run and not only went out to greet crowd members, but decided to make her own course and hop up on the table to proudly pose for the people who were photographing her.  The next run was much better (perhaps because I saved part of my steak-on-a-stick to use for treats), but by the third she was too hot to do too much.
 It got really, really, really hot.  Luckily I had prepped and had her cooling mat to lay on, a battery-operated Ryobi fan, a sunshade for the side of the tent and some frog toggs for evap cooling action.  Coupled with a few frozen water bottles, she weathered it like a champ.
 Hopefully we have many agility weekends in front of us.  A fun way to spend some time (as long as they're not THIS hot)!

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