Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Day of School (kind of....well.....I guess....)

We've been way far behind on the blog updates, which I chalk up to a very busy summer.  Stay tuned, I'll hopefully work my way through August in the next few days.  So-- all of a sudden, it's time for "Back to School"!  Alex decided that even though we were informally schooling here and there through summer 'vacation', we'd officially go back to school the same day that the neighbor kids did.
So-- here we are.  A 2nd Grader and a Pre-Kindergartener.  Justin will be attending The Children's Farm school again this year (which we are both really excited about), but he is definitley showing more and more interest in Sister's lessons as well.  Luckily most of the curriculum we're using is a 'family' curriculum that is adaptable for all ages.

We got the day started off right-- the plan is to offer porridge (overnight slow-cooked oats) every morning for breakfast, but to have different toppings each day.  Tuesday is brown sugar and craisins.  They were super-excited to be allowed to serve themselves the toppings.
 After bunny chores and a nature walk, it was time to head to the classroom.  Last year we spent more time schooling at the kitchen table, but now that Kolachi can be trusted to roam the main floor on her own, I feel way less guilty about leaving her by herself while we study.
 Justin got right to work with his Spielgaben block set.  He participates in Science, History and Spanish classes, and works on his own things while Alex does Math, Handwriting, Form Drawing and Reading.
 Alex chose handwriting as one of the first subjects of the day.  I found a great website that allows you to print your own practice sheets-- so I typed up a bunch about dragons and hamsters for her to practice with.
 The only complaint we had was that the substitute teacher had apparent personal space issues.  Sheesh, Percy!

This year we spent quite a bit more focused time on our studies than last.  Stamina has increased and so has the intensity of the work.  Alex did proclaim "I love homeschooling" over her lunch, though-- so I call that a win!

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