Wednesday, September 9, 2015

First Day of Farm School!

After waiting ALL summer to return to 'His' Farm, today was the day!  We were so excited to arrive and see who and what had grown up during the summer.
What a surprise to discover a new "Little Free Library" in the drop-off area!
 We gathered inside and met a few new friends (parents were invited to stay for this first 'preview day').  Justin was excited to find his favorite books again, and show off his new number writing skills to his teachers.

Then it was time to get to the real work.  Justin decided to take care of "Shadow" the bull calf first thing.  Shadow has grown so tall during the summer, but he was as friendly as ever and really appreciated his feed.
 His water trough was pretty low.  It took three trips to the water pump to fill it up!

 Then Justin topped him off with a bit of dry hay to munch.
 Our little lambs grew up, too.... just look at that face!
 And there were two NEW litters of kittens to observe.  Mama was just feeding the littlest babies when we peeked in!

School starts officially on Friday, but as a second-year student, Justin feels like he owns the place.  What a gift to be able to dig, haul, chop, pound, climb, run and plant through preschool!  We were so blessed to find such a fantastic place in our neighborhood.

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