Saturday, September 26, 2015

Dragon Birthday Bash!

Wait....deja vu?  This is actually Alex's SECOND Dragon birthday party.  What can I say, she's committed?  This year it revolved around literature - "Wings of Fire" to be specific, an action-packed series about warring dragon clans.  She has read and re-read them, committing characters, setting and plot to memory. We were lucky enough to have a lot of family in attendance this year-- Grandma Mary, GranPapa and GranMama, Auntie Carrie, Uncle Sam and Vera were all able to be there.  So, we kept the number of friends limited to two.  It was actually perfect!
 We found this huge dragon living at the local thrift store, and had to give her a new home.  Her name is Gwendolyn and she has been living on my kitchen island for the past two weeks.  Percy isn't quite sure what to make of her.

 I can't believe we have an 8 year old!  Party decorations were homemade, but intense this year.  We did a 'Wings of Fire' bunting, and assembled paper dragons to fly over the cupcakes.
Alex also set up vignettes of each distinct dragon tribe from the book series.  Let's just say I didn't realize how many dragons we had in the house until they were all assembled in one room!

The SeaWings attack Alex's homemade Viking ship (the product of our boat building a few days ago!)

An IceWing stands guard over a frosty glacier.
As you can see, Alex helped decorate.  She spent days drawing pictures of her favorite dragons from the books (and some of her own invention).  The house was plastered with hand-drawn art!
 Alex and GranPapa have a few quiet moments to read before the party starts--
 We held a scavenger hunt 'quest'-- with wax-sealed clues and puzzles for the group to solve together.  I didn't know quite how it would go with the mixed age-range we had, but it was perfect. 

The clues were a combination of riddles, puzzles, math problems and games.
Some of them were much harder than others, but they were allowed to ask for assistance from party-goers!
 At the end, they were instructed to go outside and search for dragon eggs.  Once found, they brought them in to the 'incubation chamber', where they would hatch while the kids ate their cupcakes.

 The hatched dragonlets appeared in the gift bags, along with a copy of the first Wings of Fire novel (for the older kids), a guide to dragon care, dragon 'vitamins' (yogurt-covered raisins) and a dragon bracelet. 
What an awesome dragon party!  Thank you all for such a fun afternoon-- :-)

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