Saturday, July 25, 2015

The circle of life....

During our vacation in Missouri we received very sad news.  Our dear friends Pumpkin and Cocoa had both died.  We were a little shocked and concerned about potential environmental poisons (CO2 levels?) or food poisoning(we contacted the manufacturer and reported the event).  From what we could ascertain, they gorged themselves on the food we left out for them and ate themselves to death.  Mice aren't typically supposed to do that, but apparently it happens.  The pet sitter felt awful, as she was checking in on them.
Alex was crushed.  We let her grieve for a few days, but decided that she had enough room in her heart (and a clean, safe cage) to welcome home a new little friend.  Enter Gandalf-  a white long-haired Syrian hamster.
 He is sweet and loves tummy rubs-  the other bonus is that he is VERY clean (the mice were too, but he wants to use a litter box!) and has no rodent smell at all!

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