Friday, July 3, 2015

Fourth of July Bike Parade (on the Third!)

We love our neighborhood bike parade and cookout!  This year was even better because I had two legitimate bike riders to get ready :-)   We rode our bikes down to the community center and commenced the celebrating.

The face painting (well, my kids opted to have some arm-painting done.....)

 Games and prizes!
 And then, the decorating!  The community center had TONS of great decor options this year, and the kids really got into it :-)

 Finally, the parade.  They led it with a 'pace car' to prevent the bigger kids from turning it into a street race, but Alex didn't like how congested it felt.  Next year, she decided, she would hang back a bit further and get some more space towards the end of the 100 or so kids who participate!

Here come our riders--

 Happy Fourth of July!

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