Friday, July 3, 2015

Dissecting a Camera

Amazon has this great program where they will buy your used (but in good condition) electronics.  We've been able to send several things to them, but for some reason they rejected our old camera.  So Dave decided to supervise a camera dissection--
Alex was excited about it to start:
Dave: "OK- here you go." (steps back)
Alex: "How am I going to get into this?"
Justin: (softly) "a screwdriver"
Alex: "Maybe I need a hammer"
Justin: (still softly) "you need a screwdriver"
Alex: "Dad, do you have a hammer I can use to smash?"
Justin: (now louder and giggling) "No! You need a really SMALL screwdriver!"
Dave brought out an assortment of tools and the kids got to work.  Alex tinkered for a good 15 minutes, but got frustrated and wanted to just smash everything.  She decided to go and read for a while.  In the meantime, Justin kept working and working......and working!

 We ended up just leaving all the parts of the tray for the time being, as every so often he wants to sit down and continue deconstructing the camera.  He managed to get most of the pieces out, reserving a spring for use in one of his trains upstairs that needs a new spring.  What a guy!

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