Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bunny Chores

I don't know if I've updated the online world on the status of the bunny brothers.  They are thoroughly enjoying their new location- in the backyard!

They have nice grassy runs that they can graze (supervised, only, of course) in.  The kids are doing a fantastic job with their bunny chores- cleaning litter boxes, feeding and watering.  We also monitor the weather very closely- when the outside temp is over 80 degrees, they each get frozen bottles of ice in front of their individual box fans to make personal evap coolers!  Since they are Angoras with some heavy wool, we make sure that regular haircuts happen to keep them cool- (I invested in little pair of electric shears- we aren't really using their wool for spinning yet, so I just keep them clipped short!)

While I think they liked being with the family in the house, judging by the amount of hopping and running they're doing, they like it even better with their paws on the grass and fresh clover under their chins a few times a day!  We'll re-evaluate rooming situations when the snow starts to fall, but for spring/summer/fall, this is the best setup ever :-)

Here's a video of some regular bunny chores to get a feel for their new digs :-)

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