Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blue Ribbons!!!

 Team Marotz had a decent showing at the Washington County Fair this year....  No Grand Champion or Reserve Champion ribbons this year, but we still racked up lots of 1st places (along with an assortment of rainbow ribbons)!
 Alex's portrait of the now-departed Cocoa won a blue ribbon!  What a nice memory for her to have in her room.
 Justin entered his first LEGO creation (a tractor and wagon).  He earned a green ribbon, and was inspired by all the other amazing entries!
 My favorite pieces also won blue ribbons-- Alex's portrait of Gandalf (seriously....can you get much cuter than that??) AND Justin's "Model A John Deere".  These are both totally going on the wall in my house when we pick them up again after the fair!

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