Thursday, July 2, 2015

Afternoon in the Big Backyard-

It's been another week of Science Museum camps for the two Marotz kids.  Alex took a "Get Set to be a Vet" course, and LOVED it!  Justin was enrolled in the preschool Lego camp, and wished it went on forever (even though the majority of the building was done with Duplos, which he was a bit disappointed with).  Justin's class was only an hour long, so one morning we killed some time in the Science Museum's "Big Backyard" while waiting for Sister to finish up.

Our favorite part of this outdoor classroom is the natural landscape maze--  we wandered and wandered and made lots of discoveries!
 We found some bees working hard--
 Also some red spider mites..... lots of them.....
 But the best part of the whole morning was when a train passed by.  Justin heard it coming from a ways off, and found a good spot to watch.  He waved, and waved, and waved and waved---  until the engineer finally saw him and gave him a friendly smile and wave back!  Thank you, sir, for making my four year old's day!
 After the engine passed his spot, he decided to run alongside the train for a while.  I love this shot--
 And then we reached the end of the fence and we just had to sit and watch it some more.  Ah.....trains......

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