Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Early Birthday at the Leinie Lodge!

On our way to Shawano to visit Great Grandma Alice and Great Auntie Sarah, we made a quick detour through Chippewa Falls to visit the Leinie Lodge and Leinenkugel Brewing Factory as an early birthday celebration for Dave!
 Dave's family has connections to the Leinenkugels-- his grandpa (the kids' Great Grandpa Bob) was a lobbyist for the Wisconsin State Brewer's Association (among many other achievements).  I was seriously impressed when Dave was able to subtly name drop and we became official VIP's!
 The tour includes five beer tastings (unlimited soda for the kids and non-drinkers) AND a souvenir Leinenkugel glass cup :-)
 Uh oh.... do we spy a Vikings fan in Packers Country?
 Dave and Justin were really excited to see the same mirror hanging in the Lodge that we have at home!
 After our tour of the factory (no photos allowed, but it was pretty interesting), we made it to Shawano in time for the Friday night fish fry with the family--

Sarah (bleeds green and gold) and Uncle Sam (Vikings fan) resolve to put aside their team allegiance differences to enjoy a nice meal. ;-)
 Great Grandma Alice with two of her grandkids!

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