Monday, June 1, 2015

Gunflint Lodge DAY TWO

What an adventure-filled day!  Justin, Kolachi and I went out for an early morning hike.  I honestly didn't think J would make it too far-- the distance from the cabin to the trailhead and back, maybe... but once we got to the trailhead, he wanted to keep going.  We chose the red Interpretive Trail hike and I put him in total charge of reading the map and finding the red trail markers the whole way.
 We were out on the hike for an hour and a half!  No complaining or whining or tired legs!  This kid is amazing.  We estimate he hiked just about 2 miles.
 And the dog, too......  she's pretty amazing herself.  We're working on our canicross skills (keeping a tight line-out, responding to 'leave it' commands as well as 'gee' and 'haw' at intersections.  She loves it, and is working really hard!  I might have a skijoring dog after all!
 Sweet boy photos---

 "There's the trail marker, Mama!"  He was so proud of his hiking skills--
 And we found a bridge that went over a sweet little babbling stream-

 After we came back and rested for a while, the kids and I decided to pack a picnic lunch and take a canoe out for a paddle.  Sans dog.  I can only handle so many things at once :-)
 We ended up paddling to Canada.  Seriously.  The other side of Gunflint Lake is Canada.  We didn't get out of the boat, but we were definitely within a stone's throw of our neighbors to the north.
 After lunch we paddled back.  I originally decided on our route because the wind was in our faces, making it theoretically easier to paddle back with the wind at our backs.  Well, God changed his mind about the wind direction and force.  Let's just say I had a few worried moments as the wind turned our canoe around and around-- I'm really glad I've been working out and that Alex is a competent assistant paddler---  we made it back to shore after a total outing time of one and a half hours (see a pattern?)!
 That afternoon we took a paper-making class.  The kids had fun creating their projects-- they both want to add this to our homeschooling art curriculum. 

We all collapsed, exhausted, after Daddy, Papa Bob and Auntie Carrie came back from their day of fishing.  What a fun and busy vacation!

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