Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Girl Scout Camping

The Girl Scout co-leader and I decided to book a camping spot at the local Lake Elmo Regional Park and teach the girls some skills!  Unfortunately, we had a few cancellations (like, everyone), so it ended up being only Alex and Ana.....but we still had a great time-

The girls were in charge of setting up the tent.  This was a big job, but with a little guidance and a few steadying adult hands they got it done!

 Since we were so low on attendees, Justin and Dave joined us for dinner.  Daddy instructed in the art of campfire building and the girls took that task on as well!
 After some swimming, playing at the park and a hike to the fishing pier, they settled down with some books and their lanterns in the tent.  Aside from the racoons who raided our trash (whoops!), it was a successful night and first camping experience.
I was inspired to book a few more dates this summer for some family camping-- 

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