Thursday, June 25, 2015

Camping on our own!

We had so much fun camping at Lake Elmo park with the Girl Scouts a few weeks back that I decided we needed to try it on our own!  Dave visited us for dinners after work, but slept back at the house to keep an eye on the dog et al.  

The kids and I make a GREAT team!  We got the tent up with no problems--
 Played some games and went to the swimming beach before coming back for some afternoon 'down-time'.  I found these two plastic drawers in the clearance section of Target, and we filled them with paper, scissors, watercolors, washi tape and stickers.  Their "quiet boxes" are a hit!

We stayed two nights-- coming in and out to go to Vacation Bible School and run countless other errands during our 'camping'.  It pays to live really close the the park!

Justin's photo of Alex in the tent.  I think it might be a winner (remember, the Washington County Fair is just around the corner!)

Mmmmm....dessert-- banana boats stuffed with marshmallows, brown sugar and chocolate.

And a successful breakfast of bacon and mushrooms- followed by some fishing :-)

These Frog Toggs were LIFESAVER (the things wrapped around the kids' waists)!  They are water-activating cooling bandannas that kept my two comfortable in the slightly humid afternoon--

Our new camping cot (which arrived halfway through our camping trip) saves TONS of space in the tent---

As you can see the kids were getting a bit crazy by the end of day two, but we made it!  Next camping trip will be with Miss Kolachi, too!

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