Monday, May 11, 2015

Violin Lessons begin!

The kids have been wanting to try a formal music lesson, and we've all agreed on the violin!  I found a Suzuki violin teacher in the area who will split a 30 minute lesson between the two kids (score!).  We brought two of our old instruments (one from when I was three) to her to see if they'd be appropriate.
We are going to refurbish the little one for Justin, but Alex will just rent until she gets into a full-sized (and/or wants to continue at that size).

 Oh-- did you notice something NEW on Alex's face?  No big deal.  Just some glasses!  (She has a VERY slight prescription in both eyes, but a substantial bilateral astigmatism that hopefully these glasses will help correct!).

Upon returning home, the kids had a HUGE surprise waiting for them in the mailbox-- a REPLY LETTER from the Okee Dokee Brothers!  They not only sent a handwritten 'thank you' for the fan letter note, but also sent two patches for the kids to put on their backpacks.  What a treasure!

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